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Swyipe RN is a Lyon-based company created at the end of the year 2017 by two computer engineers who, the same year, have been graduated from CPE Lyon. Its main activity is the development of mobile applications aimed at making their users daily life easier.

We pay very special attention to the quality of our products. In fact, we consider that the user must feel as much pleasure to use one of our applications as we do when we develop it. That is why, each of our creations is designed to offer the best user experience ever.


If we have undertaken this adventure, it is above all to share. Share our ideas, our values, our philosophy. We do not plan to do this journey alone, but together, with you.

Team spirit

Alone I go faster, together we go further. And we have decided to go further.


Quality allows us to convey to you, to share with you, all the passion which animates us. Our passion is expressed through the quality of our projects.


We think that passion is the greatest engine for projects. This allows us to see things big.


The freedom to choose, to express ourselves, to think, to dream... is what makes us want to change the world.


This is the best way to be understood. It is the picture of the truth and the reality.


We are permanently listening to the world and its changes. We are learning from others and constantly trying to evolve. We never take anything for granted.


Currently, our team is working on its first product : Swyipe Gift.

If you have trouble finding the inspiration for gifts or, if you are just in search of new ideas, this application is for you !