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Find quickly the perfect gift, it is possible thanks to Swyipe Gift.

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Release scheduled in April 2019

Do you need new ideas ?


Whether you want to find birthday gift ideas for a friend, offer the most beautiful Valentine's Day to your better half or even spend the best Christmas with your family, Swyipe Gift will help you in your search for gifts.

Find the perfect gift

Simplicity and relevance

Browse our range of products in search of the perfect gift.
Combining simplicity and relevance, Swyipe Gift will allow you to quickly find gift ideas that best meet your needs.
Our search feature will allow you to find ideas in just a few questions!

Have fun

Add to Favorites

Bookmark the articles you meet and for which you have a crush!
So you can find your favorite items easily and quickly.

Share your findings

Share your discoveries, your ideas with your friends.


Joint presents

Facilitate the organization of your group gifts by organizing a pot! Put together the found ideas and vote for the best.

Secret Santa

Organize with your friends or family a "Canadian Christmas". Surprise one of your relatives drawn at random by playing his secret Santa and let yours surprise you.

Follow the news

Browse your favorite pages

Easily find the products of your favorite brands by following their showcases.

Stay informed

Keep in touch with the latest trends by finding the latest news from your favorite pages in your news feed !

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Professional account

Do you wish to increase your visibility or even develop your image? Swyipe Gift Pro is here for you !

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